For all you first-time campers – or veterans who need a refresher – here’s a list of six items you need to make your outings the best and safest they can be. We call them the Cub Scout Six Essentials.

Always bring:

  • first-aid kit. This can be a lifesaver. Literally. Check out how you can build your own first-aid kit.
  • Water. It can prevent you from facing dehydration, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.
  • flashlight. You need this to find your way in the dark (and make sure it has fresh batteries).
  • Trail food. You’ll be glad you have fuel to maintain your energy.
  • Sun protection. This might include sunblock, sunglasses, lip balm and a wide-brimmed hat. Applying your sun protection properly is also key.
  • whistle. Use it to call for help if you’re lost. Don’t use a whistle for fun!

For longer adventures in the outdoors, add these to your gear list:

  • Extra clothing. Pack for the weather. Multiple layers are better than single, massive jacket. That way you can stay more adaptable to changing conditions.
  • Rain gear. Being wet from rain mat result in hypothermia, a potentially fatal condition.
  • pocketknife or multitool can be handy in a wide variety of situations. Don’t forget to first earn your Whittling Chip (for older Cub Scouts) or Totin’ Chip (for older Scouts).
  • map and compass are probably the most important tools you can carry if you get lost!

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