Hello All.. My name is Joyce Wheaton. I am the 2016 Scouting for Food Chair for the Trail of Tears District.

The 2016 Middle Tennessee Council’s Scouting for Food campaign generally runs from February 6 when fliers are distributed to neighborhoods to February 13 when food is picked up and delivered to the designated area for Rutherford and Cannon Counties. Online Unit Registration has already begun at http://mtcbsa.doubleknot.com/event/2016-scouting-for-food/1812480!

The MTC/BSA website has additional information and the door hang tags and fliers you will need to effectively run this food drive at: http://mtcbsa.org/Parents/scout/activities/gtfa.html

The stated locations for food delivery is Greenhouse Ministries in Rutherford County and Center Hill Baptist Church in Cannon county. However, there are many other locations you can drop food off to such as the Food bank in Smyrna/LaVergne area, many local churches have food banks, Feed America First, etc. Regardless of WHERE you deliver your food, or exactly WHEN your unit/area does your food drive, please make sure each unit participating is registered, and after you deliver the food, you log your hours into the JTE service hour website. This is a Messengers of Peace project (one of the first questions the JTE website asks).

I know that the Smyrna/LaVergne area is a group effort. Please make sure each individual unit participating is registered. We want to make sure everyone receives credit and everyone receives a patch for participating.

We only have 11 units registered for this at last count. We have about 52 units in Trail of Tears. I know we can do better than that!! We rock the camp cards, I hope we can rock this food drive as well. Service and giving is part of what we do as scouts.

Following your unit’s food drive, Trent Johnson, the Council Scouting for Food chair has asked that you email him with the number of pounds/items that were donated and where your unit donated them. His email address is bsa135.

Good Luck, and please let me know if you need any more information or other assistance. If for some reason you can’t download the forms from my email or the mtcbsa website, please send a message just to me (start a new email), and I’ll make sure you get forms.

Joyce Wheaton

Troop 320



2016 SFF Flyer Horizontal.pdf
Scouting for Food 2016 – Door Hangtag Kroger.pdf
SFF Middle Tennessee Council 2016 promo flyer.pdf