One last email tonight:

At one point about 7 years ago, we had a district flag. It had an image of an Indian on a horse – I believe the logo was:

At some point in the last 7 years, someone borrowed the flag to use at an event and it never made it back to the District Committee. We are in search of the location of this flag, and hope that someone knows where it is and we can get it back to the District. Our district really would like to have a flag to use at Roundtables, Committee meetings, and other District events.

So… if you know who might have used it or if you have it, please bring it back to us at Roundtable or if you contact me, I’ll be happy to come pick it up.

Additionally, we would like to get a 3×5 State of Tennessee flag for the district. If any of you have a source that would love to donate a flag to us (like you work in the Governor’s office or something cool like that), if you would let me know who to contact, or if you acquire a flag for us. That would be awesome as well.

Thank you all.