Hello Everyone,

I want to remind you that Friday, May 20th, 2016, (this Friday) is the last day to register your unit for Memorial Day Flag Placement. Registration gives your unit members a guarantee to receive patches for this event in early fall and also will streamline your administrative check-in process at the cemeteries. Please follow this link to submit your registration: http://mtcbsa.doubleknot.com/event/2016-memorial-day-flag-placement/1887238

We appreciate your support and service in this project and thank you in advance for your registration.

Kenneth Ray


Vance H. Lackey

Director of Field Service/COO

Middle Tennessee Council

3414 Hillsboro Pike | P.O. Box 150409
Nashville, TN 37215
O 615-383-9724 | F 615-297-9916

D 615-463-6281 | C 615-707-9002

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