Derek Hough shows off his Cub Scout uniform during a 2016 Emmy reception. (Photo: Instagram/ Derek Hough)

Derek Hough is a man of many talents. The 33-year-old Utah-native’s career lays claim to acting, professional ballroom dancing, choreography, and he’s even appeared on both ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and NBC’s World of Dance. He’s also a noteworthy supporter of BSA!

Working to become that talented would take up most of anyone’s schedule, but somehow, this Scouting alum still makes time for another major pursuit—marathon training!

So, where does Hough’s determination to train for a 26.2 mile race come from? Scouting, of course! The man is no stranger to cardio, even years before achieving ballroom fame. 

“I grew up going on runs and hikes in the wilderness. I remember going on these long treks through the mountains when I was a Boy Scout during my childhood in Utah,” Hough shared in a recent interview with Runners’ World.

As his career grew, Hough found he had less time to hit the pavement (or trail) because of the intense and lengthy practice sessions required to reach his professional goals.

 “Once I began my career as a dancer and started to rehearse or perform every night, it became difficult to do any real running… My relationship with running was relegated to jumping on the treadmill for a warmup or conditioning exercise,” he explained.

(Photo: Runners’ World)

However, his passion for running persisted. Hough explained that now that he has more time outside of dance, he’s able to embrace running once again. And this time, he’s ready to take on a big time commitment—marathon training!

He added in the interview, “…now that I have more time to train, I want to take on a marathon. I was just in Chicago—I’d like to start there.”

Hough isn’t the only Scout with a need for speed. Eagle Scout and Olympic race walker John Nunn credits what he learned in Scouting for his success later in life.

And according to Bryan on Scouting’s 2016 story, Eagle Scout and Olympic marathoner Jared Ward has claimed, “Some of my best memories came while I was in a Boy Scout uniform.” 

The elite runner even added that Scouting taught him “to do the hard things.”

However, it’s still important to remember that running is about more than just physical fitness.

Derek Hough said it best when he explained, “I feel like when I am running, it not only helps change me physically, it also improves my state of mind… I believe you can feel it affect your chemistry, which helps give you clarity and focus. Getting in a run helps set me up to win.”

Best of luck on your long-runs and happy training, Derek!

Learn more about Derek’s training style, running mantra, and even his running playlist in the full interview from Runners’ World and in the video below:

Do you know a speedy Scout with a love for running? Share your story—and running tips—in the comments!


Photo and video credit: Runners’ World

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