Nothing tops the feeling of sending your Pinewood Derby car flying down a track … unless, you’re racing that car on the field where baseball superstars hit it out of the park.

That was just the case for 150 Atlanta-area Cub Scouts earlier this month.

Cub Scouts from across Georgia came to SunTrust Park to compete in the Atlanta Braves Pinewood Derby, an event sponsored by NAPA Autocare Atlanta and the Atlanta Area Council.

Two players even dropped by to meet the Scouts and pick winning cars in the design competition. Relief Pitcher Ian Krol and Third Baseman Rio Ruiz were greeted with cheers of excitement from the Cub Scouts.

The Braves players, who competed in the Pinewood Derby as kids, were amazed at the car designs and impressed by how much work went into each.

“The highlight of the Derby was seeing the kids’ creativity and the effort they put into making their cars. Seeing how much fun they had was really amazing,” Ruiz said.

The Cub Scouts had a chance to take pictures with and meet the players.

“It was so, so cool talking to real Braves players!” Seth P. from Pack 1417 said.

After the Braves players selected the winning car designs, they watched the final races, cheering on the fastest cars of each round.

The Cub Scouts who won received a signed baseball from the Braves and were recognized at the game that night with 30,000 Atlanta fans in the stands.

The unique opportunity and location of the event were not lost on the Cub Scouts, who had a blast watching their cars zoom down the tracks.

“My favorite part of the derby was seeing my car win my race!” Baron R. said. Baron is a Cub Scout from Pack 9161 and his car won a preliminary round of the Pinewood Derby.

Benjamin Morgan, a Cub Scout from Pack 687, was ecstatic at the Derby. “I had so much fun racing my car! It was awesome,” he said.

When the Cub Scouts weren’t racing their cars, they toured the Atlanta Braves’ new stadium, played arcade games, climbed a rock wall, and rode a zipline.

At the end of the Derby, all participants were happy with the results.

“My favorite part was not winning but having an awesome time racing my car against other Scouts,” Greyson R. of Pack 528 said.

Thank you to Matthew Tikhonovsky of the Atlanta Area Council for sharing this story. 

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