Did you know you can cook an egg in a potato? Try this resourceful and unique recipe brought to you by America’s cutest test kitchen: Cub Scouts!

You Need:

  • An egg
  • A potato (with skin)
  • A knife
  • A spoon
  • Toothpicks or twigs
  • Tongs
  • A campfire


Be cautious around campfires and make sure kids stay safe.

Steps to Cook an Egg in a Potato:

  1. Slice off side of potato and set aside.


  1. Carve out inside of potato.

  1. Break egg into hollowed potato.


  1. Use toothpicks or twigs to secure top of potato.

  1. Bury potato in coals and cook for 30 minutes. Then, carefully retrieve it.


  1. Experiment with cook times for desired doneness, top with your favorite hot sauce or seasoning, and enjoy! 


About the Boy Scouts of America

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