We have a winner!

This year, we debuted the Scouting Safety Quiz in Scouting Magazine. Each issue will focus on a different BSA health and safety topic and offer an online version of the quiz where you can enter to win a $100 Scout Shop gift card. The January-February issue highlighted details of the Annual Health and Medical Record.

Join us in congratulating Steve Salaj, Scoutmaster of Troop 944 in Rockville, Md., who was selected at random from more than 770 entrants for the quiz’s grand prize.

Salaj was a Cub Scout as a boy, and has served as an adult leader since 2006. He is in his fourth year as Scoutmaster, and is the father of two Boy Scouts, one who earned his Eagle Award two years ago and another who is close to earning Eagle, too. Salaj plans to pass the gift card on to a lucky Scout as a prize during the troop’s 50th anniversary celebration in a few months. By the way, he scored a perfect 100 on our quiz.

“They serve as a helpful refresher on subjects that I already know,” Salaj says of the quizzes. “On other subjects, they serve as a gentle reminder that there is always more to learn and room to grow.”

How did you do?

The “Remember your ABCs” quiz tested entrants’ knowledge of who must complete an AHMR, activities in which they’re required and how they should be stored and handled.

You can still take it, but if you want to be entered in our next Scouting Safety Quiz contest, you’ll have to Do Your Best on our March-April quiz: “Go with your gut.” The quiz tests you on food-borne illnesses and what you should do to prevent them.

At the end of the questions, you can submit your name and email address to be entered in the contest, which ends April 30, 2018. A few people took the last quiz more than once. If it bothers you that you didn’t get a 100, you’re more than welcome to take the quiz again. Just know that submitting your information multiple times does not increase your chances of winning.

You don’t have to get a perfect quiz score to be entered in the contest. We will draw one winner at random and will notify them via email. Good luck!


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