Why We Are Here

The Longer Answer is:

The Commissioner’s mission is to keep Units operating at maximum efficiency so they can deliver a quality program to a growing membership. The Commissioner’s role is to develop strength within the Unit by providing program resources, and acting as the liaison between the Unit and the District and Council. This helps Units provide the best possible Scouting program, which ultimately helps assure that individual Scouts have the best opportunity to

  • develop good character traits

  • participate and use good citizenship skills

  • practice personal fitness.

In general, the goals of Commissioner Service through the execution of a successful unit service plan are to:

  1. Help see that the objectives of Scouting are being carried out.

  2. Assure that each unit has strong, competent unit leadership.

  3. Promote regular meetings of unit committees.

  4. Encourage growth in youth membership

  5. Help assure that Scouts and units take an active part in District and Council activities.

  6. Foster a positive relationship between the chartered organization and its unit leaders.

This unit service program is invaluable to both the chartered organizations and the local Council when it is thoroughly understood and wisely administered.