Wanted Commissioners

Wanted Unit Commissioners

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Uncle Sam WANTED:  Scouters whose passionate, overriding  mission in Scouting is to  help Boy Scout and Cub Scout units succeed! 

WHO – Caring, responsible adults from all walks of life.


bullet Agrees to be registered as an adult leader with Middle Tennessee Council/BSA.
bullet Completes Commissioner Basic Training within three months of accepting  assignment as a Unit Commissioner or Assistant District Commissioner.
bullet Must be available to make regular, on-going, personal contact with three  scouting units (by phone, by visitation, or at Roundtable meetings).
bullet Assists the leaders to complete on-time charter renewal each year, using the Quality Unit Award criteria as a standard for program evaluation.
bullet Agrees to attend Trail of Tears District Roundtable on a regular basis  and participates in the District Commissioner’s meeting regularly (to communicate needs/action items to their Assistant Dist. Commissioner).
bullet Agrees to have FUN!

bullet Unit Commissioners have the best access to Scouting Fun by making contact with units in the traditional ways, at Pack & Troop Meetings, on Campouts, & Courts of Honor, or see them in action at Summer & Winter Camps, Camporees,  Cub Day Camp, or Webelos Camp … & more!

    It’s  your  choice! Put more outing in your Scouting!

    Wages:  Immeasurable satisfaction and fun.

Be a  Trail of Tears Commissioner!

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