Commissioner Initiatives

Camporees | Cub & Partner

Commissioner support at these scout events help make them a great success.

All program areas were represented and likewise commissioners from across the district are needed to heed the call to duty, both in preparation for the event and during the event.

Our youth benefit when we deliver the promise of Scouting!

Commissioner Basic Training

Sometimes at home or on the road at outdoor events. There’s always a chance to get that training! Just ask the District Commissioner

Become an Even Better Commissionner


The College of Commissioner Science is an advanced training program where our council’s commissioner staff offers a rich variety of courses designed to help you further develop leadership, communications, management, and Commissioner skills in order to improve your ability to serve youth.

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Cub Scout Taskforce

School Night for Scouting (SNFS)

In August and September (depending upon your location) we will hold a coordinated recruitment drive throughout the District.

Commissioners will be called upon to help as SNFS commissioners, and in other areas. Last year was a success, and we hope this year will be even better.

If you are not involved at this point, please call your DC and ask how you can help. We need your experience, leadership, and support to help these new scouts and Scouters feel at home in our program.