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Tico PerezThroughout his involvement with Scouting,  Tico Perez has worked tirelessly to strengthen the organization in underserved communities. As our National Commissioner, Tico brings his great talents as a communicator to a job that also requires a desire to bring the best program to every child. Before taking on this new role, Tico chaired the Southern Region Hispanic Scouting Task Force and the National Scoutreach Committee. In 2006, he facilitated a Scoutreach conference at the Philmont Training Center.


Important Reading for Commissioners

>>  National Commissioner’s Newsletter

  • There’s good info for all commissioners: Unit, ADC, DC
    • Read it every quarter

>>  National Council Commissioner Web Site  

  • There’s a “ton” of information on the site

>>  National Commissioner’s  Podcast

  • You may listen to these podcasts personally, or share them with others as a training feature. Stimulate discussion by playing a subject of interest or use the entire program as a wrap-up for a better grasp of the subject.

New to Podcasting?

To listen to a podcast, you will need podcast client software, which will manage the files and play the audio. Many brands exist, some of which are available for free. Search the Internet for “podcast client” to find information about and links to download this software—then view the manual of the software you have chosen to find out exactly how to subscribe to a podcast using that software.

The “Commissioner Podcast” will roll out new topics of interest to commissioners throughout the year. You can download the .mp3 audio files directly from this page, for use on your computer or digital music player. You can also subscribe to “Commissioner Podcast” via RSS and your favorite podcast aggregator, by clicking on this icon.

Trail of Tears Commissioner Staff Notes

>>  10 Best Practices for Unit Commissioners

  • Being a commissioner has more to do with relationships than anything else. These 10 best practices are designed to improve those relationships.

>>  Commissioner Service Is Important For Our Unit Leaders

  • Sometimes the unit leader feels he or she is alone on the job.

>>  Cub Scouting and the Commissioner

  • First impressions are pretty important to boys, families, and new leaders. Critical care begins here.

>>  Webelos-to-Scouts Trasnition

  • “Our national commissioner, Tico Perez, has challenged the commissioner corps to take owner­ship of their unit retention. We accept that challenge,” Scott Sorrels, National Commissioner Service Chairman, writing in The Commissioner I FALL 2010 I “To improve the QUALITY of program in every unit in America!”

District Roundtables (No. 14-633B) 

  • This important part of commissioner service is covered in detail in the annual Roundtable Planning Guides that provide complete methods and month-by-month suggestions for each of the monthly roundtables.

Important Books You May Download For Free From National

  • These are your “how-to” books. Never leave home without them.

Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service (No. 33621) 

  • This is a book for unit commissioners and for those who coach and guide unit commissioners.

Commissioner Helps for Packs, Troops, and Crews (No. 33618) 

  • The main responsibility of a commissioner is to keep Scouting units alive, healthy, happy, and reregistered on time. This booklet helps the new commissioner deal with problems related to the units he or she has been assigned.

Unit Visitation Sheets

  • We are now required to file our unit visit reports to the Council online .

Recharter: It’s a year-round Process for Commissioners

Quality Unit Award

Special Note for Commissioners

We have special roles in the Journey to Excelence   Quality Unit Award process.

>>  CLICK  For JTE Forms and “Helpful Hints”

Guidelines  for Unit Self-Assessment & Action Plan Meeting

  • This should be done at least twice each year.
  • Only the Unit Commissioner, Unit Leader, Committee Chair attend.
  • There are forms for each type of unit.

Uniform Inspection Sheets



More Useful Materials for Commissioners

TOT Web Site “Resources for Leaders”

Scouting for Youth With Disabilities (No. 34059) 

This manual includes assistance for leaders and parents who work with Scouts who have disabilities. It provides resources, fact sheets, forms, and best practices about working with youth with all types of disabilities.

The Chartered Organization Representative (No. 33118) 

The purpose of this pamphlet is to help the chartered organization representative understand your responsibilities.

Neighborhood/Small Community Plan of District Operation for Urban and Rural Areas (07-402A) 

This optional plan is designed to fit the needs of rural and low-income urban districts. The plan has far greater flexibility yet carries out the same functions and fulfills the same objectives as the standard plan of district operations. It has a major focus on smaller geographical communities, makes the most efficient use of volunteers on a scarce volunteer market, and is based on more informal relationships.

Lone Scout Friend and Counselor Guidebook (No. 14-420) 

A guide to help counselors of Lone Cub Scouts and Lone Boy Scouts as well as council staff and volunteers who recruit and support these counselors. This 46-page book contains the details on all those things unique to the Lone Scout Plan, including a list of possible circumstances in the life of a boy that may make Lone Scouting a desired option.

Advancement Committee: Policies and Procedures  

This book helps council and district advancement committees understand and implement the advancement programs and procedures of the Boy Scouts of America.

A Handbook for District Operations (No. 34739)  

This manual provides you with details on the roles and responsibilities for each of the operating committees on the district committee and the commissioner staff. It also provides you with an outline for monthly work plans for each committee as you support the operations of your district.

 Where Does a Commissioner Find Help?

Official versions of popular forms available for download from the National Council