Welcome to the Trail of Tears District
Commissioner Website

This site was created to assist commissioners in their task of helping units succeed within the District as well as the Scouting community at large and to help educate fellow Scouters in the roles and mission of their commissioner’s.

  • A Commissioner is: A friend, a representative, a unit “doctor”, a teacher, and a counselor.

Special Note for Commissioners

We have special roles in the  Journey to Excellence Quality Unit Award process.

  • Your monthly visits to units will be reported  BY THE UNITS  to the Council on thier JTE Quality Unit Award forms!

Unit Visit Reports

  • We are now required to file our unit visit reports to the Council ONLINE .
    • Read More and get logged on to the reporting system.

Your participation will become part of the Council, District & Unit success in earning the New Quality Awards.

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“The most worth-while thing is to try to put
happiness into the lives of others.”

Sir Robert Baden-Powell, Age 80.
From his last letters, September, 1940