October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and, according to new BSA data, Generation Z believes bullying is the biggest issue facing their generation and the number one issue they want to solve.

As a Scout parent and/or leader, you know that, given the Scout Law, the BSA’s anti-bullying education, and Scouts’ daily Good Turns, Scouts are among the most prepared to take on bullying prevention. While Scouts pledge to lend a helping hand at all times, their peers may not always know who those Scouts are or that Scouts are important allies in the effort against bullying.

That’s why we are asking all Scouts to wear their Scouting uniform to school on October 16thto make it easy for their classmates to find people they can count on for a kind word; a lunch buddy; or a resource to help them recognize, safely respond to, and report all types of bullying. The goal is that once other students know who the Scouts are, they will feel comfortable reaching out to those individuals whenever they need a friend.

This effort will also serve as a visual reminder within each community that Scouting – with guiding principles like being kind, helpful, and friendly – is an invaluable resource for youth, schools, and society as a whole.

How to Participate:

  1. Ask all Scouts in your family, pack, troop, ship or crew to proudly wear their uniform to school on October 16th and remind them to show the power of kindness by reaching out to classmates to make sure everyone feels welcome.
  2. In October, share inspirational stories that showcase how Scouts or the Scouting program has helped combat bullying. Use the hashtag #AScoutIsKind.
  3. Check out the BSA’s bullying awareness information, and share the uplifting stories from our official social media pages on October 16.

Help curtail cyberbullying by encouraging Scouts who have parental permission to use social media to send supportive and uplifting comments and messages to classmates on October 16th… and every other day.

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