The wonders of the world are all around us. And young people, like your kids and the Scouts you lead, have all kinds of questions about them.

That’s why we’re tackling kids’ toughest questions in an entertaining and educational podcast called PodAsk, brought to you by Boys’ Life. You can listen to the latest episodes now.

What is PodAsk?

Young readers and listeners can leave us anonymous voicemails asking their most puzzling questions. Quandaries so far have ranged from “Why is the sky blue?” to “Is Pizza Hut’s newest creation any good?” to “Why don’t people wear cool hats anymore?”

We take each of these questions and devote an entire episode to the topic. We play the original voicemail, talk to experts, welcome cameos from goofy guests and get to the bottom of each mystery. The result? A kid-friendly podcast you can access from your favorite podcasting platform. And it’s totally free!

How you and your Scouts can get involved in PodAsk

With 10 to 20-minute episodes at the ready for a busy Scout leader, PodAsk provides an awesome, thought-provoking gathering activity for unit meetings.

Plus, Scouts can call 214-659-1251 (with parent permission) and leave a voicemail. They might even hear their voice on an upcoming episode! They could even call in as a den, pack, troop, crew or group of friends to leave a group question. Just be sure to stay anonymous and never reveal last names.

How to support PodAsk

OK, you’ve listened. You like it. And now, you want to make sure the show lives on.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Subscribe. That’s how we know how many people are listening, and you can be sure to never miss a new episode.
  2. Share it with your fellow leaders, volunteers, parents and friends. And don’t forget to let your kids check out the show too.
  3. Give it a 5-star rating! This let’s us know you like PodAsk and want us to keep making episodes.

We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future episodes, too. If you have advice, be sure to leave it in the comments below.

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