Earlier this year, we shared information about the Adopt-A-School program and why Scouts in your communities should get involved. Through the Adopt-A-School program, participating Scouts partner with school administrators to offer volunteer services that meet their school’s needs. The Adopt-A-School program is the perfect way for packs, troops, and crews to make a positive impact, while also fostering relationships with schools in their communities.

But how can Scouts get involved? And is participation limited to the school year?

In short, there are a variety of ways Scouts can get involved, and they are encouraged to participate year-round, not just while school is in session. Ultimately your priority when choosing projects should be based on your school’s specific needs, but if they are flexible, use these ideas to help you discover ways to serve.

  • Beautify the school grounds – Scouts can help clean up and beautify the school grounds by coordinating a project focused on picking up debris or planting flowers. Other ideas could include turning an empty lot into a community garden or painting a mural on a lackluster wall.
  • Support school athletics – Scouts can show their school spirit by supporting the school’s sports teams! Consider constructing bat and helmet racks for your school’s baseball/softball teams or helping to run concession stands at football games.
  • Help out with building improvements – Depending on the age of your school, some buildings might need a refresher here and there. That’s where Scouts can help with painting projects, rebuilding benches and constructing fences!
  • Coordinate a Giving Tree project – Scouts can encourage community donations to a giving tree project that gathers gently used clothes, school supplies or toys to be donated to those in need. If a project is already in place, Scouts can assist with gift wrapping and getting the word out in their communities.
  • Say “thank you” during Teacher Appreciation Week – Host a special teacher lunch or breakfast during Teacher Appreciation week or consider refreshing the teacher’s lounge with a fresh coat of paint. Of course, a school-wide thank-you card project is always a great option as well.
  • Lend a hand for school festivals – Scouts can also serve the school during various carnivals throughout the school year. Whether Scouts host a booth or help with set-up and clean up, schools always appreciate the extra help during these busy times.
  • Organize a book and magazine drive – Scouts can consider hosting a book drive on the school’s behalf by collected items that benefit the school library and teacher’s classrooms.
  • School clean up – No matter the school event, Scouts can always volunteer to help with clean-up afterward! Ask your school for a calendar of events to have an idea of when you can lend a hand.
  • Go green! – Scouts can assist with the school’s green efforts by organizing a waste reduction or recycling program if one is not already in place.
  • Promote literacy programs – Older Scouts can consider reading at elementary schools or hosting tutoring sessions to promote the school’s existing literacy programs or coordinate their own efforts!
  • Organize a food drive– Similar to a book drive, Scouts can host a food drive to gather snacks, canned food, and other non-perishables to benefit school events, classrooms and the cafeteria.

This list isn’t everything, though! There are countless ways Scouts can creatively serve their schools. How has your council served local schools? Share your stories in the comments below to inspire others to do the same!

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