Connor G. was awarded the Medal of Merit after saving his mother when she suffered a heart attack. Photo credit: WSB-TV 2 Atlanta

Thanks to a young man’s quick-thinking and emergency training in Scouting, a mother is alive and well today after her son jumped into action to save her.

Scout Conner G. acted without a moment to lose when his mother suffered a heart attack and needed immediate assistance.

Connor’s mother, Christie, asked her son call 911 and he the quickly got on the phone with operator Karnia Lake, who says this was her first emergency call on the job.

“Sometimes that’s how you learn. That’s the best way to learn, is to jump into the deep end,” Lake shared with WSB-TV 2 Atlanta.

Just as a Scout is trained, Connor remained calm through the entire experience, relaying instructions from the operator to his mother. Paramedics were soon at the scene to render aid.

Christie looks back at the incident still in shock over what happened.

“Just the reality of it. That I could not be here right now, and I would’ve left my son without his mother,” she said.

Though Connor’s level-headed demeanor said otherwise, he too, was scared, but he says that his Scout training taught him to stay calm.

“I was nervous and I was afraid that I was gonna lose my mom,” Connor said. “I’m just so grateful for that second chance,” he said.

Connor was awarded the Medal of Merit award for his meritorious actions that saved his mother’s life.

Learn more about this Scout’s bravery under pressure by reading the full story and watching a video from WSB-TV 2 Atlanta.

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