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The weather is cooling down which means now is the perfect time to hit the road for your next wilderness adventure. Sure, you’ve got the camping gear you need, but is your vehicle equipped to transport everything? Keep reading for the five tips to keep in mind when traveling with a cargo box on your vehicle.

1. Know your vehicle’s new height with the addition of the box.

Rooftop cargo boxes are a great way to clear up space and stretch out your legs when out on an adventure. Be careful while driving around town, though. It’s easy to forget the cargo box is up there, which can cause issues with running into parking garages or low hanging trees.

2. Know the weather conditions.

The weather outside might look perfect as you load up your cargo box, but have you checked the weather report along your route? What about at your final destination? It’s important to keep factors like high winds in mind when bringing along a cargo box. You don’t want Mother Nature ruining any of your plans!

3. Secure gear with bungee cords or a net.

Yakima cargo boxes have hooks inside that can secure bungee cords, or a cargo net can be purchased to hold the load down. It is tempting to bring as much stuff as the box can physically hold, but you don’t want your gear pushing up on the lid of the box, or the max weight limit of the roof to be exceeded.

4. Keep the inside clean.

Almost everyone loves a bath and a cargo box is no exception.  If you can, keep the inside clean with a non-detergent soap, and keep the moving parts lubricated with a silicone spray. This helps mitigate problems and gets a full life out of your box.

5. Store properly when not in use.

While you might always want to be out on an adventure with your Scouts, you probably will take a break from camping every once in a while. For those times when you’re staying home, make sure to follow number 4 and then stow your cargo box in a safe place.

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