When we shared our recipe for how to make a brownie in an orange, you responded with tons of your own camping recipes and reviews for the sweet and savory treats oranges can house!

So we’re working our way through your list of camping delicacies as we head outdoors every weekend this fall. Here are a few of the ideas you submitted we’re most excited to try.

Try Cooking These in an Orange Over Your Campfire

  • A “blondie” – This is a vanilla brownie spinoff of the original recipe.
  • Chocolate cake – Many Scouters say cake batter cooks more quickly and neatly than brownie batter. Get crafty and you could do mini birthday cakes in oranges for Scouts celebrating birthdays.
  • A red velvet cupcake – When the cake mix rises above the orange shell, you can spread some cream cheese icing on top!
  • An egg – We’ve heard the orange flavor-infused egg is actually pretty delicious.
  • Cornbread – This is a cool idea for a Thanksgiving campout.

If you decide to take on any of these ideas yourself, refer to the video below to learn the technique and follow safety precautions.

Have you tried any of these recipes? Which is your favorite? Share in the comments below or email us at [email protected].

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