With schools closed and many Scouting events on pause, how do you continue to “Do a Good Turn Daily”? By remembering that acts of Scouting service don’t have to stop just because you’re at home.

Here are some ideas for following the Scout Slogan while still staying safe:

1. Send a ‘thinking of you’ video or email to a local nursing home — or give them a call

Take this time away from school to send electronic notes, images or video greetings to nursing homes and assisted-living facilities in their community. Many of those folks can no longer receive visitors.

The first step would be to contact the facility to figure out the logistics of sending these messages. You could make a handmade card and take a photo of it, then grab a trusted adult and share a video greeting, or simply pick up the phone and give them a call.

2. Help with grocery pick-up/delivery

As long as it’s safe to do so, you and a trusted adult could offer to pick up and deliver groceries for those who are unable to leave their homes. Remember to remain 6 feet away from others — and thoroughly wash your hands before and after.

3. Send a thank-you message to a local hospital

ER doctors, nurses and other critical care professionals can’t work remotely. You can send electronic messages to these hard-working heroes. Again, be sure to find a nonemergency contact at the hospital before sending a message. We don’t want to overwhelm these facilities with calls.

While officials say the coronavirus doesn’t survive long on objects, it’s better to be stick to electronic messages at this time.

4. Contact your local food bank

With schools closed, many families that relied on schools to provide food for their children are left missing out. Find your local food bank and see what help they might need. If you can assist in a way that’s safe, please do.

5. Call your loved ones

Call, FaceTime or Skype your loved ones — especially those who are older and may not be leaving their houses. Ask about their childhood, their first car, where they grew up.

What are you doing to help during this national crisis? Let us know in the comments and we might add it to the list!

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