Being a kid can be a lot of fun. But if you’re a Cub Scout, those years in elementary school are a whole lot more fun.

Here are just a few reasons why life’s better when you’re a Cub Scout, and five things your family can experience if you sign up for Scouts this fall:

  1. Unplug – Your family may have grown up with tablets in hand. But Scouting gives kids a chance to relish device-free entertainment, develop face-to-face communication skills with peers and adults, and see the outdoors (with #NoFilter). Rest assured, Scouting still values changing technology and evolving communication skills – see: the hundreds of Scouting photo/video opps you will encounter in the program.
  2. Get Active – Camping, swimming, and fishing are some of the best parts of Scouting, but that fun often spills over into bicycling, flag football, outdoor community service, hiking, and soccer!
  3. Make New Friends – One great thing about Cub Scouts is meeting friends who don’t go to your school or church or after school care. Plus, the Scouts in your pack and den are charged to be kinder and more courteous when they commit to Cub Scouts. Programs in Scouting allow patience and support for differing learning styles and abilities. Simply, Cub Scouts is a welcoming environment for a kid, whether he’s a social butterfly or struggling to make friends at school.
  4. Race in the Pinewood Derby – There’s a reason you’ve been hearing about Pinewood Derby since you were a kid. It’s one of those memories that sticks with Scouts and their parents their whole lives. Designing and sending these wooden dream machines down a derby track becomes a piece of lifetime nostalgia for Scouts (with the hours spent building the car with mom and dad proving especially memborable). Don’t take it from us, read one of the many accounts of how big a highlight the Pinewood Derby is in a Scout’s life.
  5. Celebrate at a Blue and Gold Banquet – These parties are a Scout’s dream! They bring out the balloons, the funnest games, the biggest themes, and the food… the food is something you’ll want to see for yourself. Check out what Blue and Gold cakes look like around the country, and then learn just why these awesome parties exist.

Are you ready to get involved in adventures like these and more? Getting started with Scouts is easy. Head to Be a Scout, enter your zip code, and find a pack near you. Do it today… fun, learning, and friendship are waiting!

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