With back-to-school season in full swing, that means recruitment season is ramping up, and we are here to make sure councils are on the right track to provide the best experience possible for new families.

On the Marketing and Membership Hub we provide a variety of resources to help councils, but it might be difficult to know how to kick off recruitment season in the best way. So the question is: where do I start? Keep reading to learn about the three things you can do to get going this Scouting recruiting season.

1. Update Your BeAScout Pin

The number one thing councils should do to ensure they start recruitment season on the right foot is to update their BeAScout pin! BeAScout.org is often one of the first introductions parents have to Scouting. By updating your BeAScout pin, you are helping to connect these parents to a pack, troop, crew or ship near them.

Take note, not all volunteers can update their unit’s pin. This responsibility lies in the primary unit leader, unit committee chair and chartered organization representative’s hands. For a quick step-by-step approach to updating your BeAScout pin, check out this guide on Scouting Wire. You can also learn more about why updating this pin is so essential to a successful recruitment season by reading this article from Bryan on Scouting.

2. Utilize Recruitment Playbooks

The Marketing and Membership Hub is the top place councils should visit when searching for recruitment collateral and resources like photos, posters, web banners, fliers, social media, videos, testimonials, and of course – playbooks! On the Hub we offer four themed playbooks – Hooked on Scouting, Rocket into Scouting, Science of Scouting and Camping with Cub Scouts. You can access program-specific content on the Hub by clicking the Lion, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts or Venturing tab in the Brand Center. Check those out today for an idea of how you can leverage these themes to boost your recruitment efforts locally.

3. Equip Incoming Parents with the Information They Need

When executing your exciting recruitment plans, it’s important to keep parents informed every step of the way. To help parents understand Scouting and the value that it brings to their family, it’s a great idea to point them to some of the basics like information about Scouting ranks, the uniform, and the lingo we use in each program. Check out this helpful blog post from the Cub Hub to get the lowdown on what parents need to know as they begin Cub Scouts with their child.

What are some of the strategies your council employs to ensure a great recruitment season? Share your stories in the comments below to inspire other councils to consider the same!

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