Curious, adventure-seeking Scouts can earn requirements toward a variety of merit badges by participating in the National Geographic Kids Explorers Club!

The club offers Scouts and Scout leaders access to fun resources that’ll inspire Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to explore the world around them and uncover new interests they never knew they had. Keep reading to find out 3 great reasons why a Scout should get onboard!

1. Scouts can begin earning Conservation-Related Merit Badges.

The current theme for the Nat Geo Kids Explorers Club is Conservation, meaning this is the perfect opportunity to tackle several conservation-related merit badges like Energy, Sustainability or Environmental Science, to name a few.

To help Scouts get there, the Nat Geo Kids Explorers Club offers chapter samplers from its featured book, This Book Stinks. The book is packed with tons of activities and resources that will make earning conservation-related merit badges fun and educational. Plus, each chapter sampler was hand-picked to align with certain Cub Scout adventure or Boy Scout merit badge requirements. You can purchase the guide on

2. There’s a patch, of course.

This wouldn’t be a Scouting activity without a patch, now would it? That’s why Scouts who correctly answer questions from the Explorers Club Conservation Patch Quiz are entered to win a limited-edition Explorers Club Conservation patch. But hurry, because Scouts may enter only once, and the giveaway closes August 31, 2017. Encourage them to dash over to take the quiz and submit entries here. Make sure your Scouts come back to earn the Hands-On-Science patch (September 1 – December 31) to complete the set!

3. A very lucky Scout and his parents will win a trip to Washington, D.C!

The Nat Geo Kids Explorers Club Sweepstakes offers a chance to win a trip to the National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C., to attend the 2018 Explorers Festival. Ten runners-up will score a second-place prize. Learn more about the sweepstakes and how a Scout can enter here.

Join the Nat Geo Kids Explorers Club Today

Get the complete lowdown on the National Geographic Kids Explorers Club by heading to Boys’ Life for all the details. Know a Scout who has participated in the club and earned cool merit badges in the process? Tell us about the Scout’s experience in the comments below!

*Editor’s note: Article updated to reflect details of the Explorers Club Conservation theme.

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