District, Council, Regional & National Scouting News

This is a collection of recent news articles from various soruces from the District, Council, Regional, and National organizations.  The intent of this area is to introduce new Scout Leaders to the wealth of information that is available to help you in providing a great Scouting program.  Please explore this area and become familiar with all the great websites that are available to you.

Many of the articles consolidated here are from several Scouting website blogs and publications.  Those sources include Boy’s Life, CubScout.org, Scouting Newsroom, Scouting MagazineBryan on ScoutingScouting Wire, and Southern Region OA.  The articles that do not originate in the Distict or Council are linked to their original sources. 

Super Mario Odyssey Is One Epic Adventure

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the year’s finest offerings, filled with dinosaurs, faraway locales, actual human beings and plenty of open-world exploring. Yes, there are plenty of classic pipes and coins, too. Here’s what makes the game great. Super Mario Odyssey is a...

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Inside the November 2017 issue

Here’s what you’ll find inside the November 2017 issue of Boys’ Life magazine. Remember, many articles are only available to subscribers and are not available online. Please visit Boyslife.org/subscribe to subscribe to the print or digital editions of Boys’ Life...

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2018-2019 preview: Philmont Scout Ranch

It’s the fourth-annual High-Adventure Week here on Bryan on Scouting. This week is all about the once-in-a-lifetime experiences awaiting Scouts and Venturers at the BSA’s four national high-adventure bases. Plus, we share tips for securing your spot in 2018, 2019 and...

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How to Use Every Part of Your Carved Pumpkin

If you’re like us, it pains you to toss aside the insides and seeds from your carved pumpkin. That’s why we found awesome ways to utilize every part of these fall favorites. As you carve up your masterpiece (see the video below for tips), don’t throw away a single...

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How to recognize and treat frostnip

Emergency Situation: While hiking in Utah’s beautiful and famously snowy Wasatch Mountains, you accidentally step in a snow-covered stream. The water isn’t deep, but it is cold. Very, very cold. Forced to hike out with wet feet, after half an hour you begin to feel...

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Chivalry isn’t dead for modern-day knights

As a self-proclaimed tomboy, Heather Haupt was sure she would rock what she calls “the boy mom thing.” Then she had three sons — boys who never tired of engaging in mud battles, playing football in the house and pretending to be superheroes. (They might have even told...

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