District, Council, Regional & National Scouting News

This is a collection of recent news articles from various soruces from the District, Council, Regional, and National organizations.  The intent of this area is to introduce new Scout Leaders to the wealth of information that is available to help you in providing a great Scouting program.  Please explore this area and become familiar with all the great websites that are available to you.

Many of the articles consolidated here are from several Scouting website blogs and publications.  Those sources include Boy’s Life, CubScout.org, Scouting Newsroom, Scouting MagazineBryan on ScoutingScouting Wire, and Southern Region OA.  The articles that do not originate in the Distict or Council are linked to their original sources. 

Fall TOT Camporee

Hear ye! Hear ye! The TOT Fall camporee is coming 'round the bend (of the Buffalo River). It will be held October 27-29, 2017 at Grimes Canoe Base. The cost is $12. Registration will be up on doubleknot soon (Look up the mtcbsa.org website, go to Trail of Tears...

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A Time To Say Thank You

In this season of gratitude, service and giving, I’m reflecting on the many things I am thankful for in this organization. First, thank you to all the leaders, volunteers and parents who have given their time and energy to helping young people have once-in-a-lifetime...

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How to Make an Origami X-Wing Fighter

Use these step-by-step instructions to fold your very own Star Wars X-Wing ship. WHAT YOU’LL NEED One square sheet of origami paper (the larger the sheet, the easier it will be to fold) WHAT YOU’LL DO Step 1: Start with the color side up. Fold diagonally both ways....

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Make Hiking Less Tiring With These Simple Strategies

Up one hill and down another: Before you know it, your pack weighs a ton and you’re panting like a dog. But a hike does not have to be this tiring. A steady pace will conserve energy by ironing out all those ups and downs. FIND YOUR STRIDE Everyone has a different...

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9 Optical Illusions to Confuse Your Brain

Your eyes can play tricks on you. Pictures that confuse your eyes and brain, tricking them into seeing something differently, are called optical illusions. See if you can figure out these optical illusions. WHICH OBJECT IS TALLER? None: They’re all the same size....

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How to Keep Pots From Turning Black

How do you keep pots from your mess kit from turning black when using them over a fire? — Seared Sandi in Hamburg, N.Y. A: Don’t cook over a fire! Just kidding — sort of. Actually, cooking over a camp stove is the best way to avoid blackened pots. Plus it’s more...

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A Very Dutch Oven Campsgiving

If you’re looking for a way to change up the ol’ kitchen mess this year for Thanksgiving … take it outside for Campsgiving! The opportunities for creative Dutch Oven cooking are endless, and these five classic and festive dishes will be right at home on your holiday...

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Why the Boy Scouts Are for Girls Now, Too

The values of Scouting are important for both young men and women, and I am proud of the unanimous decision to invite girls to Cub Scouts and to deliver a program that will enable them to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. I believe that this expanded offering will provide...

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The Xbox One X Is the Superhero Of Game Consoles

It’ll be an awesome holiday season for Xbox fans. Here’s the scoop on the brand-new Xbox One X — and all things Xbox! What is the Xbox One X? The $500 Xbox One X is like The Mighty Thor of videogame consoles. It’s super powerful. But, thankfully, it’s not monstrously...

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