POPCORN IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!!! Make sure you sign up for the weekend to get a discount. So far Just 9 units signed up. Please help get the word out to your POPCORN KERENAL and let make this year POP.

Jason Flannery

Trail of Tears District Executive

Middle Tennessee Council

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This is Scouting Check out this Awesome video of Summer Camp at Boxwell


From: Kevin McMurrian
Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2017 9:49 AM
To: Barrett Mohrmann <bmohrmann@mtcbsa.org>; Mark Lytle <Mark.Lytle@scouting.org>; Brian Sullivan <bsullivan@mtcbsa.org>; Carl Adkins <Carl.Adkins@scouting.org>; Chris Agee <cagee@mtcbsa.org>; Clint Beilke <Clint.Beilke@scouting.org>; Danny Sutherland <Danny.Sutherland@scouting.org>; Dwanna Hughes <Dwanna.Hughes@scouting.org>; Dylan Theg <dtheg@mtcbsa.org>; George Reynolds <greynolds@mtcbsa.org>; Ian Weir <iweir@mtcbsa.org>; Jason Flannery <Jason.Flannery@scouting.org>; Jeremy Belk <Jeremy.Belk@scouting.org>; Jeremy Rowland <Jeremy.Rowland@scouting.org>; John Dreyzehner <johnd@mtcbsa.org>; Keka Majumdar <kmajumdar@mtcbsa.org>; Kenneth Ray <kray@mtcbsa.org>; Larry Brown <Lawrence.Brown@scouting.org>; Logan McCoy <lmccoy@mtcbsa.org>; Mary Jared <Mary.Jared@scouting.org>; Kevin McMurrian <Kevin.McMurrian@scouting.org>; Mekia Wray <Mekia.Wray@scouting.org>; Phillip Heikkinen <Phillip.Heikkinen@scouting.org>; Robert Wright <Robert.Wright@scouting.org>; Ronnie Turpin <Ronnie.Turpin@scouting.org>; Rhyan Preyer <rpreyer@mtcbsa.org>; Vance Lackey <Vance.Lackey@scouting.org>
Cc: Sherry Rakes <Sherry.Rakes@scouting.org>
Subject: Popcorn Orientation Attendance Update

Good morning.

Attached is the current attendance roster for our popcorn orientations on July 15 and July 22. Please contact all your units that have not signed up yet and get a commitment from them on an orientation they would like to attend. Please email them this link to sign up. We are 2 weeks out till the first orientation!


Please email this link out to new units and follow up with a phone call to secure their commitment.

Thank you so much!

Kevin McMurrian

Director of Financial Services

Middle Tennessee Council – BSA

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(615) 516-9065 – cell


Corn Orientation 06-29-2017.xlsx