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  • This can be projected and reveals the colors of the Badge as the script is read.

  • A "high-tech" light box often used in ceremonies.

  • NOTE: 1st slide is a blank white sheet. Press Enter to move to each slide.

  • Script included in "notes" section.


Eagle's Nest


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Eagle Scout Candidate Seminar

A Resource for Troop Leaders

To Aid Their Life Scouts in Reaching Eagle

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"Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project"

  • "Leadership" often gets dropped from our vocabulary when discussing "the project."

  • The word LEADERSHIP appears first in the official title because it's the primary focus of the required project.

    • Service is the valuable byproduct of the exercise.

Scoutmaster's Note:

  • Projects are about the candidate "giving leadership" and "managing people and resources," not about him or his family doing all the work.

    • "Boy led" is the aim for the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project.

  • You are responsible for mentoring the candidates AND their families so that the "system" works for the candidates and those other Scouts participating in the project.

    • Does the candidate have a plan that meets the criteria?

    • Is he doing his part while letting others do their parts?

    • Is there too much parental or other adult involvement? 

    • You are the best judge and the District, Council, and National Council depend on you.






Life-to-Eagle Guidelines Useful tips and guidelines by Mike Warren, District Advancement Chairman










Eagle Scout Leadership Service


As a Scout plans and carries out the leadership service project, use the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook to record his plans and progress. The workbook may be download directly to your computer.

  • This is a fillable pdf (you can type in your information directly on the form). 

  • See the following tips for dealing with this process.


  • Click Project Workbook the "How-to Manual"; the form downloads;

    • Suggest you download the form and then save the file as "Eagle Project Workbook Template". This allows you to easily start over if you make a mistake as you go.

    • Next Save-as "JohnsEaglebook"

      • This will be your working copy, but you can still go back and get a clean copy if you make a mistake.

    • Type all the information for your project, add photos, etc.

    • Printout your project book and

      • Take it to your conference with District Advancement Chairman

      • To get approval BEFORE beginning any work on the project.

  • Once you project is completed, reopen your Workbook and fill in the remaining pages.

    • Reprint document and obtain final approvals & signatures.

    Alternately, the Scout may obtain a printed copy from your local council service center - ask for item No. 512-927.

    • Remember that others will be reading these pages. The Scout should print, type, or write legibly using black or blue ink. The Scout may add as many pages as needed to thoroughly complete the workbook.




Eagle Reference Letters: Have letters mailed to Scoutmaster

Product Cover This is an excellent book for new Eagles and everyone interested in Scouting and our value system. ISBN 0312366531

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  • Available at the BSA Scout Shops and area bookstores