Cub Scouts


This is Why Cub Scouts Meet With Their Packs and Dens Each Week

Cub Scouts don’t just grow as individuals during their years experiencing the Boy Scouts of America’s adventures. They also develop in their ability to interact with friends, peers, older and younger kids, and adults leaders. That’s why den and pack meetings are...

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This is How a Cub Scout Can Attend Jamboree

Never heard of Jamboree? Or maybe you know all about it, but your kids are still in Cub Scouts. Here’s what you need to know: there are Cub Scout-friendly activities available for families to enjoy at the 2017 National Jamboree. The secret is landing a visitor pass to...

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What is Cub Scout Day Camp?

Ah, summer camp season. It’s the time when parents shuttle kids from camp to camp to fill their idle summer hours with fun and fulfilling activities. From crafting and skit performances to water balloons and relays, one summer camp stands out when it comes to...

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Cub Scout Saves His Brother After He Falls Off Bridge

The next time you picture a hero, remember this story of a Cub Scout who stayed calm in the midst of an emergency and saved his little brother’s life. Catherine Davis, den leader in Chatham, IL, wrote to tell us of a standout act of bravery from a member of her den...

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