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Webelos-To-Scout Transition - A Commissioner's Role

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A source of new boys is vital to the continuance of the Boy Scout troop, and troop leaders are looking for help!

  • You're the Unit's Best Friend.

  • Although the unit leader can get help from any places, its special when it comes from you.

  • Being there in person, you're the first one to offer personal support.


Troops Need Boys

Many Boy Scout troops have eight boys or less. Even the larger troops may find recruiting difficult.

Though many Webelos Scouts leave their den when reaching Scouting age, they're not sure about going into the troop.

  • You Have the Answer.

With little effort, you can be the key person helping both

  • the Boy Scout troop and

  • the Cub Scout pack to fulfill their needs.

More than 84 % of graduating Webelos Scouts join troops when the Webelos-to-Scout transition program is used.

  • Leaders can do it themselves when someone gets them started ... and you're that someone.

  • Do you want to know how it's done?

  • What's In It For You?



Many Webelos Scouts will go on into Scouting with no help at all. But at least half of them need to know more about their opportunities for fun and adventure in the Scout troop. That's really the purpose of the Webelos-to-Scout transition plan:

  • To give the Webelos Scout a sampling of the troop program, troop leadership, personal advancement, a training and learning experience and an appreciation of troop organization and relationships.

  • It will be the boy's (and his family's) decision so we owe it to them to demonstrate some of the fun experiences and to let him know that he is wanted.

Certain key Scout Leaders are better able to show the Webelos Scouts the various elements of Scouting. So we need to include everyone, starting with the Webelos Scouts themselves. That makes the transition plan an unlimited opportunity.

  • The boy's Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award reach into the requirements bordering on Scouting skills, giving him a view of Scouting advancement.

    • He sees boy leadership at work and senses his own potential as a junior leader.

    • He becomes more confident and enthusiastic about the patrol method, a district camporee, about summer camp, and maybe even a national jamboree.

    • In short, the boy's desire for troop membership is the result of this gradual change in appetite for troop oriented activities.



In a nutshell, the transition plan utilizes, key people in specific roles designed to attract Webelos Scouts into the Boy Scout troop. It creates a team spirit for the Webelos den leader, the Cubmaster and the Scoutmaster, and it enhances the Scouting family concept both in and out of the chartered organization.

For complete information on the qualifications and responsibilities of leaders, see the Cub Scout Leader Book, No. 3220A.

Webelos Den Chief

A registered Boy Scout, active in the troop and selected by his Scoutmaster to serve with the Webelos den as a program assistant to the Webelos leader.

He is trained either by the troop junior leaders or by the Webelos den leader. He should be at least a Second Class Scout and skilled in conducting ceremonies, leading songs, teaching skills, giving demonstrations, leading games and helping to prepare the Webelos Scouts in advancement for the troop experience up ahead. This fulfills a requirement for leadership.


Assistant Scoutmaster

(Troop Webelos Resource Person) An assistant Scoutmaster is appointed to be liaison between the troop and the Webelos den. He helps the Webelos den leader plan joint pack and troop activities, including exciting graduation ceremonies. His principal job is to ensure smooth transition of Webelos Scouts into the troop by working closely with the den chief, Webelos den leader and Scoutmaster.


Activity Badge Counselor

This adult is usually a family member of a Webelos Scout and has knowledge in one of the activity badge areas. Recruited by the Webelos den leader or the Webelos den leader coach, this person serves as a den helper at various times of the year. Not to be confused with merit badge counselors in Boy Scouting, activity badge counselors help Webelos Scouts gain self-confidence in dealing with new subjects and adults.



The Webelos-to-Scout transition plan calls for a joint roundtable for Webelos den leaders and Boy Scout troop leaders to be held twice a year - one in September or October and one in February.

  • With the Boy Scout leader roundtable staff serving as the host and with the knowledge of the Cub Scout leaders! roundtable staff, Webelos den leaders are invited to attend and cover major subjects related to pack-troop demonstrations.

  • This serves as a primary opportunity for Webelos den leaders and Scoutmasters to meet and to share mutual program ideas affecting Webelos graduations.

  • The agenda is designed to promote good pack/troop or Webelos den/troop happenings and thereby hold the Webelos Scouts in the program until they reach Boy Scouting age.

  • The participants get an opportunity to share with the group any successes in joint activities and graduation ceremonies.



  • Invite the Webelos den to attend a troop court of honor.

  • Invite the Scoutmaster and junior leaders to attend a Webelos den meeting.

  • Share an evening campfire.

  • Jointly, attend religious services on Scout Sunday or Scout Sabbath.

  • Participate in a joint community pack/troop Good Turn.

  • Jointly, do a Good Turn for the chartered organization.

  • Invite the Webelos den to go on a day hike with the Boy Scout troop.

  • Plan joint field-trip activities. Together, plan parties for the den and troop.

  • Ask troop leaders to help with Webelos overnighters.

  • Plan joint den/troop activities - roller skating, bowling, miniature golf, swim parties, etc.

  • Invite the den to attend a troop skilloree (demo scout skills).

  • Conduct a joint overnight camp out.

  • Invite the Webelos den to attend a performance of the Order of the Arrow dance team.


The First Things To Do:

  1. In your commissioners notebook, list names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., of leaders in the Webelos den, pack, and troop.

  2. Contact the Webelos den leader, Cubmaster, and Scoutmaster to set up a time and place for a common meeting of all three.

  3. Let each describe his (her) needs in the program. At this meeting, establish a plan for regular communication through specific key people (den chief, assistant Scoutmaster, etc.) regarding advancement, graduations, joint events and training opportunities.

  4. Encourage the troop leaders to assist with Webelos overnighters in equipment and troop leaders.

  5. Maintain an up-to-date schedule of Webelos graduations that the Webelos den leader shares with the troop representative.


Now That Things Are Rolling. . .

Since you're feeling successful, there are some other things you might do:

  • Mark on your Scouting calendar the dates of the troop, pack, and Webelos den meetings, the committee meetings, leaders roundtables, training sessions and district commissioner meetings.

    • Share with the commissioner the progress of the pack(s) or troop(s).

  •  Attend Webelos graduations with the Scoutmasters.

    • See that the Webelos families are introduced to the Scoutmaster

  • Encourage the Scoutmaster to have a heart-to-heart talk with his Boy Scouts about personal relationships with the Webelos Scouts.

    • Rumored threats of initiations or harassment, even in jest, can halt Webelos graduations into the troop.

  • Accompany the troop's assistant Scoutmaster on the first visit to the Webelos den and introduce him to the Webelos den leader.

    • Let each discover what the other does in the transition plan.

  • Report progress on pack/troop relationships to the district commissioner.

    • Include details of how many Webelos Scouts were graduated.

  • When speaking with pack or troop committee chairmen, explain the benefits of the pack, Webelos den and troop joint activities.




  • The Scoutmaster to visit the Webelos den and get to know the boys personally.

  • The Webelos den leader, Cubmaster, and Scoutmaster to attend leaders' roundtables.

At the earliest opportunity, get information on "Webelos Woods or Webelos Day (if held in your council) and promote it in the Webelos den.

With the approval of the Webelos den leader, show Time of Your Life, a recruiting video that can be borrowed from the local council service center.

  • Have adequate information-on the Cub Scout day camp.

  • Emphasize the Webelos program at day camp.

Discuss your progress with the transition plan at commissioner meeting.



When there is no Webelos den leader, visit the pack committee meeting as soon as possible and assist in recruiting a new leader.

  • Explain and implement the selection of a Webelos den chief when visiting the troop. If one is not needed now, he soon will be.

  • Explain and suggest to the Webelos den leader the recruitment of activity badge counselors for help in leadership and activity badge work.

  • Encourage attendance by the Webelos den leader, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, and Webelos resource person at the twice-a-year joint roundtables.

On visiting the troop committee, encourage the selection of an assistant Scoutmaster (if not yet selected) to visit and represent the troop at Webelos den meetings.

  • Encourage the Scoutmaster to give regular recognition to the Webelos den chief for his efforts in bringing new boys into the troop.



Make the Webelos den chief aware of his personal responsibility in teaching advancement requirements.

  • Encourage the Webelos den chief to help the Webelos Scouts in their work on the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award.

  • Tell the Scoutmaster about the leadership & service of the Webelos den chief.

Maintain a written schedule of Arrow of Light presentations and encourage Scoutmasters to attend.

Attend Webelos graduations

  • Ask the Cubmaster to let you take part in the Arrow of Light recognition ceremony.



Assist the Webelos den chief in attending the earliest den chief conference in the district or council.

Assist the Webelos den leader in the training and recognition of the Webelos den chief.

Remind the Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, and the Webelos den leader about completing their basic training.

Encourage and assist the Webelos den leader, Cubmaster, and Scoutmaster in earning their appropriate training award or key.

  • Check their personal accomplishments, and training progress records.

  • Let them know that you're interested in seeing them receive this recognition.




After talking with your district executive, contact the unit's charter organization representative and chartered organization head.

  • Explain the Webelos-to-Scout transition plan and their roles in making it happen.

  • Personally assist the Webelos den leader, Cubmaster, or Scoutmaster with transportation to an outdoor event or activity.

  • Encourage the district commissioner to use his (or her) influence in setting up two Cub Scout-Boy Scout roundtables a year.

  •  Offer your personal help and resources to the Webelos den leader, Cubmaster, and Scoutmaster for use in meetings, training, and advancement.

    • See that the Webelos den leader is recognized at pack meetings for his help in graduating Webelos Scouts into troops.

  • Talk to the Boy Scout leaders roundtable commissioner about the joint roundtable plan for Webelos den leaders, Cubmaster, and Scoutmasters.

  • Attend the annual pack program planning conference and Webelos planning conference.

    • Be sure the den chiefs and the unit's charter organization representative are invited.

  • Contact the district training chairman for information or get help in getting key people in the transition plan trained.

  • Give the district commissioner, in writing, any pertinent membership information regarding the Webelos-to-Scout transition effort for his report to the district committee and the council commissioner.

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