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Where Can Unit Commissioners Get Help For Those They Serve?


Unit commissioners must completely understand where their position places them in Scouting's organizational plan in order that they may be fully effective in knowing where and how to get help for those with whom they work. Help comes from many sources.

The most familiar are:

  • From the commissioner staff:

    • Council Commissioner

    • Assistant Council Commissioners

    • District Commissioner

    • Assistant District commissioner.

Other help comes from personal contacts and conferences, commissioner sessions and meetings.

  • From the professional staff:

    • Through personal conferences.

    • At meetings such as annual commissioner conference, all hands meeting, etc.

  • From district contacts:

    • Routine information at meetings of the district.

    • From presentations made on subjects relevant to commissioner service at meetings within the district.

    • From response to specific requests for such assistance as advancement help, camping and activities information, etc. Such presentations are generally made by a member of a district operating committee or a professional staff member.

    • From training opportunities

    • Person-to-person assistance between unit commissioner and unit personnel.

    • From monthly roundtable meetings.

    • From unit leader training courses (Scout leader training).

    • From literature of the Boy Scouts of America Cub Scout and Boy Scout leadership manuals. (Name and display several.)

  • Council helps:

    •  (Display leader's program calendar, council and district publications.)

    • Scouting Magazine and Boys' Life.

  • Own personal experience:

    • A wealth of helpful information may be gained from experience as a unit commissioner. Alert unit commissioners share highlight experiences with their associates.