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Charter Presentation


Guide the unit leaders and chartered organization in setting up the ceremony. Select a time when the ceremony can take place at a meeting or activity of the chartered organization if this is practical. Otherwise, make sure that the head of the chartered organization can be present at a special meeting of the unit.

You should help coordinate the program, make sure that many people are involved. Some of the assignments might be: Scouting Coordinator. Meeting facilities, head of chartered organization present and prepared to receive charter, members of chartered organizations invited to attend. Committee Chairman. Invitation to parents; involve committee members in the program.



Help unit leaders with parts of program (awards, ceremonies) and setup (decorations, seating).


Unit Leaders.

Plan unit program around the charter presentation. Participants in the charter ceremony should include the head of the chartered organization, the Scouting coordinator, chairmen and members of the unit committee, unit leaders and assistants, den leaders, and Webelos den leaders (if a Cub Scout pack), junior leaders (if elected), and youth members of the unit.

This ceremony may be used at a meeting of a service club or as a part of the religious service of a chartered organization religious group.



OPENING STATEMENT. - I am pleased to be with you to recognize the great relationship that exists between the Boy Scouts of America and your chartered organization. The Boy Scouts of America is a program that exists primarily to serve chartered organizations and their needs as they reach out to serve youth of their respective organizations and youth in the nearby community. In recognition of this great relationship I would like to call forward at this time the chairman and members of the unit committee.


CHARGE TO THE UNIT COMMITTEE. - Your committee members have assumed the responsibility of being the board of directors for this Boy Scout troop in your chartered organization. The chairman of the committee presides over the monthly meetings of the troop committee and also assumes the direction of the Boy Scout troop should the Scoutmaster and/or assistants be unable to serve in their leadership capacities. To all of you members of the committee, you have assumed the obligation and role of providing the troop with 10 days and nights of camping experience; providing advancement opportunities; providing the troop with information on events and activities conducted by the district and council; providing transportation if the need exists for troop activities; providing the financial stability in support of approved money-raising project for troop activities; and guaranteeing continuity of the troop through the years. On behalf of the chartered organization, do you accept these responsibilities to be accomplished to the best of your ability. If so, answer "we do." Congratulations! Here are your registration cards. (Present cards to each person.)


CHARGE TO THE SCOUTMASTER AND/OR ASSISTANTS. - (Call forward the scoutmaster and assistants before the combined assembly.) You men and women have accepted a major role on behalf of this chartered organization by assuming leadership of young people who will enjoy the Scouting program. You have accepted the responsibility of providing weekly programs, monthly camping trips, and participation in council and district events for your troop members. The time you devote to the sons of members of this congregation and neighborhood will only be rewarded in the satisfaction you get from seeing these young men grow into great American citizens who will live by the Scout Oath and Law. Do you accept the mantle of this great responsibility? If so, answer "We do." Congratulations! Please accept these registration cards as a token of your commission in Scouting.


CHARGE TO THE SCOUTING COORDINATOR. -(Please call forth the Scouting coordinator.) You have been accepted by your chartered organization to represent it as a voice in the local council of the Boy Scouts of America. You become an automatic voting member of the local council and represent your congregation (organization) at the annual council meeting which selects leadership for the council for each ensuing year. In addition, you have the responsibility of coordinating the various Scouting units that exist in your chartered organization, making sure that they work one with the other to coordinate a natural graduation program from the Cub Scout pack to Boy Scout troop to Varsity Scout team to Explorer post. We hope you will also provide assistance to the district whenever and wherever your time could be made available, in addition to your responsibilities to your local organization and the local council. Will you accept this responsibility? If so, answer "I will." (Present registration card.)


JUNIOR LEADERS. -(Call forth all pack, troop, or post youth leadership.) You have been selected as the youth leaders of this troop. You will be expected to be an example and you will be asked to provide leadership, program ideas, and initiative to all the members of the troop who fall under your influence. You are, above all, expected to abide by the Scout Oath and Law and set a leadership pattern for all to follow. Will you accept these responsibilities? If so, answer "We will." (Present registration cards.)


MEMBERS OF THE TROOP. - Will all members of the troop please stand? As members of the Scout troop (unit), will you do your best to attend meetings regularly, provide assistance to your leaders, take the opportunity to pursue advancement, and demonstrate your willingness at all times to abide by the Scout Oath and Law? If so, please answer "We will.

CHARGE TO PARENTS.-Will all parents please stand? As parents, you are expected to attend parents meetings of the troop, assist with needed transportation, provide leadership support when needed, and be willing helpers in time of need, in order to provide the troop with an outstanding program, quality leadership, and good parental support. If you are willing to do your best to support the leadership of the chartered organization and provide what assistance you can give to the program, please answer "We will."


CHARGE TO THE CONGREGATION. -Will all members of the congregation (organization) please stand? You have heard the troop committee, the troop leadership, the Scouting coordinator, the junior leaders, members of the troop, and parents all pledge their support to the Scouting program in this chartered organization. May we ask you to cooperate and work with the Scout leadership chosen by your chartered organization and provide, whenever called upon, assistance and help to make this program a vibrant living part of the youth ministry and youth outreach of your congregation? If so, answer "We will."

CHARGE TO THE PASTOR (OR HEAD OF CHARTERED ORGANIZATION).- (Please call forth the pastor.) Pastor, you have heard of the complete cooperation and willingness of not only the leaders but members of your congregation (organization) in supporting the BSA Scouting program as a major youth program for your congregation. With the acknowledgment of this support, I am pleased to present to you the charter signifying your right to use the Scouting program for the year ahead in a way that conforms with both the rules and regulations of your chartered organization or congregation and those of Scouting. On behalf of the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America, I present your charter and pledge the cooperation of the local district, council, area, and region to help make the program a vibrant living part of your ministry to youth.


I would also like at this time to introduce the volunteers (if these are present) from our district who will provide support for you. May I introduce (the district chairman, your commissioner and/or district commissioner, and any other visiting Scouters) who will help you carry out an effective program of Scouting for the year ahead. Thank you for the opportunity to present this charter and thank you for accepting Scouting as a program of action for your organization.