Trail of Tears District

Middle Tennessee Council – Boy Scouts of America

Located in the heart of Tennessee, our district strives to meet Scouting objectives, while providing an exciting climate in which Scouts and their Units can thrive. Our District includes many strong Troops, Posts, Crews and Packs located in both Rutherford and Cannon Counties.

The District Key 3

District Chairman:


A volunteer selected by the district nominating committee annually and elected by the district members. District chair’s may serve one or more years and are responsible for organizing the district committees and naming chairs to each.

District Commissioner:


A volunteer selected by the district nominating committee annually and recommended to the council. District commissioners may serve one or more years and are responsible for organizing the commissioner staff to provide service to the units of the district.

District Executive:


A professional assigned to the district by the council. District executives (who may have different titles) are responsible for working with the district chair and district commissioner to conduct the day-to-day business of the district.

The District Committee

District Executive
Jason Flannery –

District Chairman
Jerrod Ervin –

District Commissioner
Kevin Phillips –

Activities Chairman
Tammy Anselmo –

Advancement Chairman
Mike Warren –

Camping Chairman
Randy Cucerzan –

Training Chairman
Dave Walters –

OA Advisor
Quentin Bolden –

Fred Brewer –

Membership Chairman
Brett Barrett –

Finance Chairman
Benjamin Bright –

Baker –

Assistant District Commissioner for Roundtable
Mike Wheaton –

Assistant Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
David Parker –

Assistant Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Joyce Wheaton –

Assistant Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Damon Sharpe –

Venturing Roundtable Commissioner
Tony Love –

Assistant District Commissioner for Cub Scouts
Linda Veach –

National Organization of Scouting


BSA OrganizationA Scouting district is an optional geographical area within the local council, as determined by the council executive board. District leaders mobilize resources to ensure the growth and success of Scouting units within the district’s territory.

 Members of the district committee are volunteers. The district trains adult volunteers, provides district programs for units such as camporees, and Scouting shows, assists in the formation of new units, and helps coordinate the annual giving campaign.

 The district committee also provides the unit with a unit commissioner. The unit commissioner gives direct coaching and consultation to the unit committee and other adult leaders.

 The volunteers on the district committee can be a helpful resource to the unit committee. Call upon their guidance when needed.

 The Scouting professional who provides district service is the district executive. He can be very helpful in showing the unit committee how to accomplish the unit’s program goals.